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please help spread the word - HEROINE FILMS goes into production on THE GLADDEST THING!!!

 heroine films

About a year ago, the money fell through.

So,  we did what any group of young filmmakers trying to make their baby would do...We drowned our sorrows in amaretto sours and sheer panic. Then we tried again, and again and again. And to our dismay no investors with pockets full of cash came running to our aid.  We were armed with a fabulous script, an award winning team, fresh young talent, everything but the finances.

That’s when we decided to become our own heroines.

Basically, we believe in our art and are willing to do any and everything in order to be able to create it. So, while we continue to pitch to investors, we are making t-shirts and websites, flyers and anything else we can think of to make our films, this one (the Gladdest Thing) and the many more to come.

We've got $500,000 to raise and we're doing it one dollar at a time.  Here's our plan --- we get as many people (via phone, e-mail, walking the streets, concerts, GLBTQ events, film festivals, you name it...) to check our website and donate a dollar a piece and we'll be able to get our film in the can and get throught the first few months with our production company. 

The Producer/Writer of The Gladdest Thing, Mel Robertson (Me) is desperately trying to get her show to NH to shoot, as it is wherei was born/raised and the script was written specifically for the Dover/Portsmouth area.    Check out the website for location shots in DOVER, PORTSMOUTH, NORTHWOOD AND DURHAM.  I'm a graduate of Dover High (class of 1994 - used to be Mel Koenig), so if any of you guys are out there, drop me a line.

Also, we've sent several press releases to Foster's DD, the Herald (Ports.) and the Hippo, but can't seem to get anyone to respond.  the Herald did an article about me in 2001, but I've yet to hear anything back from them...Let me know if you have contacts or know how I should go about getting the NH press involved.  Thanks, guys!

Please do us a favor and stop by the website to check out where we're at in our endeavors...let us know what you think and if you have a spare dollar, please donate (we'll give you credit in the film).  $7 or more and you get a hot pair of boy undies with your very own heroine over the front pocket (modeled by the lovely Amanda [lead actress - Kate Parker] on the website)  $10 or more and you get a kick ass beater t (got heroine?)!  ;)  Please pass this on to anyone you think will be interested. 

check us out at: heroine films - please be patient...we're experiencing A LOT of traffic these days!

Best to you all!  Thanks for your support...

Any questions, shoot em' at me.  ;)


X-POSTED (btw)

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